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Okay today I'm going to show you how to access the personal ions homeowners a court application start from Abram interstate common lab site from this page you're going to click on our forms and applications you can do one of two things click on the link or go scroll down until you see first two lines this is then going to open up a new page for you which you want to scroll down until you get to personal ends accord homeowner application and click on this link here you will see an editable fillable homeowners accord application I'm going to walk you through a couple of very important spots on here to make sure that we get the information we need as quick as possible to get you your quote as quick as possible I'm going to start with applicants name and mailing address we do need the full name if there are two customers be sure to include both customers names and mailing address in addition agency name please always make sure that this information is filled out so we know who to return the quote to if we do receive an application without agency information it simply gets logged in our system and will not be reviewed phone number fax number for the retail agent is also requested or an email address that we know who to send it back to applicants occupation is not a required form but it is necessary for a certain market so if you have it go ahead and provide out information if you don't feel free to bypass that for now same with date of birth it's not required for all programs that we offer however it can be helpful in looking at a specific company when we go down to dwelling coverages these items are very important to make sure they are filled out if we receive an application with blank limits we do have to return that to you as incomplete you don't need to worry about filling out the H o form we will quote it with the best for impossible for dwelling you want to make sure that you're putting in the replacement cost of the property replacement cost should be run through any kind of system in your office that uses the capability to derive replacement cost not value of the property it's very important to distinguish between the two to make sure that we don't have any issues upon inspection most companies use default limits for other structures personal property and loss of use you don't have to enter limits in here we will use defaulted limits however if you have specific coverages that you want to apply to all of those its other structure personal property loss of use make sure to include that so that we know for instance if you want a higher limit on personal property we can process that accordingly for personal liability we do need a limit from you if you don't enter a limit we're usually going to default for you but to make sure that we give you the quote that you wanted the first time around make sure to advise us medical payments they can vary from one thousand to five thousand if you don't advise us we will usually default to one thousand...